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What a year it's been !!!!!

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

As the year comes to an end I see it as an opportunity to reflect on the year. Both in my personal and professional life I look back and think about the year.

Personally I look at what I’ve been through, my growth, my contribution to my community, my self care, family, relationships and where I think I’ve filled my cup and where I think there’s still room.

Professionally I think about what my goals were as we started 2020. How I was able to pivot when we faced an unprecedented global pandemic, working completely virtual and having to adjust to non-face to face interactions. How I had to be deliberate in being there for my team who needed me more than ever. To be vulnerable and allow others to see my vulnerability. To stay focused and on track and to rise up and lead during a time when others may have felt lost.

With all the change that 2020 has brought, some of the change in my life was welcomed. It gave me the time I needed to be there for my team, my family and my community.

So in reflecting on 2020, it has shown me how to shift gears on where I thought I needed to be. It allowed me time to support those in need within my community and it showed me that we are all human beings before any title.

That’s my reflection of 2020.

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