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8 Tips on running effective meetings! Don't miss these

These have been working so well for me and in particular pivoting from in person meetings to virtual.

1️⃣ include the agenda when setting up the meeting. This way people know the topics and will come prepared.

2️⃣ Be on time. It’s not a party where the host makes a grand appearance. Be there a few minutes before or open the virtual meeting zoom a few minutes before.

3️⃣ Start and end the meeting on time. Everyone is very busy so be respectful of time. If you need more time then book a follow up or continue to discuss by email.

4️⃣ Stay on topic. If you tend to wander or others in your meeting do, respectfully acknowledge the discussion and bring the topic back to the meeting items.

5️⃣ Be prepared. Have any reference material or slides ready to share so you’re not fumbling trying to find things.

6️⃣ Encourage participation. As the meeting facilitator you can read the room or the zoom meeting, professionally ask others for their input or if they have anything to add. Sometimes there’s that one person who just won’t stop talking, it’s your role to rein them back and allow others to participate.

7️⃣ Always reserve the last 5 minutes of the meeting to recap any decisions that have been made and review the action items and owners of the actions.

8️⃣ Distribute meeting minutes with actions within 24 hours of the meeting. I find by doing it within the same day allows me to not miss anything

I hope these tips will serve you well, if you have any questions or challenges you face in facilitating meetings reach out by email and we can chat.

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