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Unstuck yourself already!

Argh...that feeling of being stuck seriously sucks. period. It feels like we are crushed between comfort and what's next. How many of us have felt extra stuck over the past 2 years and just the stagnation of the every day same old?

Getting unstuck requires getting comfortable getting uncomfortable. We are generally wired to avoid discomfort, uncertainty and instability and stick to the safe and familiar.

You choose whether you remain stuck or are wanting to break the stuckness. Here are some suggestions to get you unstuck:

  1. Remember you have the ability to choose how you view and approach things.

  2. Stop listening to the noise around you.

  3. Start listening to your inner voice, your gut (tap into it, that thing knows a lot)

  4. Write down what you really want like you already have it (seriously - try it)

  5. Take action, don't continue with the "tomorrow, one day, next month)

  6. Start doing the things that will get you on the path to what you really want. One step at a time and do not stop. You may need to pause, rest, refuel, slow down but DO NOT STOP.

  7. Don't beat yourself up if there are bumps along the road, there are bumps on EVERY road, even the freshly paved ones!

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