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Leading In Your Hood!

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

In each of our respective communities there are all sorts of organizations of faith, not for profit, charities, sports, academics and so much more.

This is your hood, where you live, where you feel a sense of peace, where you know the streets like the back of your hand… it’s your community. 

Let me share some personal stuff with you, if I can…

I’m the eldest grandchild on my moms’ side and was the only grandchild for a couple of years so you can imagine how I was treated as the grandchild.  My grandmother, an active woman who worked full time, a devout member of her parish and a founding member of the Catholic Women’s League 50 years ago was very present in my life growing up. In 2017 she suddenly passed away however had been suffering with dementia for the 2 years leading up to her death. 

I had this urge to keep part of her alive, it was important to me and I started to see so many of my qualities that she had. I decided to join the Catholic Women’s League at the parish she belonged to and had founded as a tribute to her.  So many of her friends were still members and it was something I knew she would be so proud of.  What started off as a general membership evolved into a leadership role within the Executive Committee of the League for our parish.   That natural leadership part of us shines through even when we don’t even try.

From there we reignited the presence of the League into the community, something these women had enjoyed so much in the past.  Food drives, infant clothing and care items, monetary donations, clothing collection for the homeless in our community and so much more.

All they needed was someone to lead the way, be the organizer.  They were already excited! 

During the recent Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, I came across a local group on social media that collects personal care items for women in need. I reached out to them, asked how I could help, they were collecting donations for women to fill purses.  Perfect, right up my alley!!!  My wheels started spinning, I went live on my social media and got a large bin to place on my front porch with a big sign that said “Donations”.  I asked my friends, families, social media contacts to donate.  Contactless donations.  Donations started arriving and within a week it was full!  Neighbors going for walks stopped to ask what the donations were for and they started dropping off as well.  It was that simple.

 Now is the time we need to step up as leaders more than ever!


1. Listen to what your community needs. Talk to your neighbours, local retailers, government agencies, shelters, places of worship.

2. Earn the respect of your community by showing empathy, honesty, integrity and a genuine interest in making things better.

3. Be inclusive, reach out to others for involvement in any capacity.  You’d be surprised how many people will step up.  Leverage your network.

Reach out to me, I’m always interested in participating to give back especially in the community I call home.

Bring your best self to everything you do!

- Sandra

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